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Pas Reform Southern Africa

Welcome to the Southern Africa Pas Reform website.

We are very proud to represent Pas Reform equipment in the Southern African region and make use of Pas Reform's famous technical support.

You can contact us in a variety of ways:

+27 78 361 0385
+27 11 788 2289
9 Sutherland Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg, South Africa


We have had quite some success in the Sales of New equipment and can now proudly list a group of hatcheries, who are working with our equipment.

And we have done projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Niger, Ethiopia and Zambia.

We do keep a basic emergency/critical items in stock, to assist whenever needed. It would be unrealistic to say that our machines do not need to be serviced or can not break, especially when an infamous Highveld Thunderstorm breaks all rules of protection.

The scope the Pas Reform equipment varies from small combination machines to the larger “Smart Range” with machine capacities from 19200 eggs to 115200 eggs. These sectional single stage machines offer great flexibility for any hatchery program. The “Smart Centre”, in turn enables great control over all the machines in the Hatchery. Pas Reform not only produces excellent machines, but has a complete range of Hatchery Automation and Climate Control equipment.

There is much more and we would like to encourage you to browse through the Pas Reform Hatchery Technology website.

In the future we will keep you updated on this page on any new developments. The needs of our primary clients, your chicks change rapidly and we will do our best to satisfy these needs to the best of our ability.


This page was last updated on 2 April 2015.